Adventures with Pollo

Pollo at 8 weeks

Pollo AKA Poley AKA Mexican Chicken, is a Black and White Tri Australian Shepherd who was born February 19, 2010.  She’s the little joy that came home to stay with me April 30 at about 8 weeks old.  She’s funny, charming, precocious, and a very energetic and happy pup!

Right now she’s trying to be taught the meaning of “potty,” “outside,” “play time,” “let’s go night, night,” and much more.  Actually, she has the last one down.  Like all good pups, she loves to sleep, and “let’s go night, night” is a fav for her.  She runs off to the crate next to my bed without so much as an indication of her tiny rebellious streak trying to show.

I’ll periodically put pictures up, little tid bits I’ve learned about this little pup, and much much more.


In case the question arises how she got her name… it’s kind of a funny story….

The awesome breeder I got Pollo from had a running tradition where all her dogs were given food names, yes… food names… after birth.  I honestly thought the breeder was joking, and so jokingly replied.. “okay… Pollo.”  She laughed, the kids had a field day with it, and it just simply stuck.  Everyone from that moment on was calling her Pollo, Poley, and Mexican Chicken to name a few.

Love you guys!


2 Responses to Adventures with Pollo

  1. Fletch Whipp says:

    Beautiful dog, being an Aussie myself I’m quite partial to Australian Shepherds 🙂

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