Every person has a defining point in their life.  Some incident, encounter – good or bad – that changes their life for the better or the worse.  For me, it certainly felt like the latter. But what do many of us know?  That all things meant for evil, God uses for good.  This blog was birthed from an encounter that brought a lot of heartache, produced a lot of lamenting, and every now and then a bit of a crazed “I have to laugh to keep myself from crying” moment.  But I have to believe, I MUST believe that the events that led me to this place was meant to ultimately bring healing, understanding, and help others through the same.

A few things about me:

I believe in God.

I believe in Jesus.

I believe in the Holy Spirit.

I love God, I love Jesus, and I love the Holy Spirit.

I believe that without these three things in one’s life, man cannot be redeemed, restored, nor saved from their sins.

I believe that man is a fallible being through and through, and yet by God’s grace and through His workings in our lives all things are made possible.

I believe that spiritual legalism is one of the biggest destructive forces and spirit the Church has embedded in the Body today.  It prevents true love, restoration, reformation, and revival.

I believe that many, like myself, have had to walk through or walking through a place of healing and restoration from facing such spiritual legalism.

I believe that blogging, sharing, opening up, and reaching out will help not only identify the signs of spiritual legalism, but bust down the walls and barriers that it hides behind.  I believe that by doing this one can find restoration in such a broken world, and more importantly, a broken church.

I believe music is one of the greatest God-inspired things ever created.  It’s the universal language that breaks all barriers, and speaks directly to the heart and the soul.

I believe by the time I get a few posts under my belt, I’ll be proving that my grammatical skills suck!

Love you guys!


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