Radical Trust

This weekend has been pretty darn good if I might say so myself!  I’ve been spending a lot of time in worship and the scriptures, and felt the strong necessity to do some character studies on certain individuals in the Bible.  There was a common theme with every single individual I did the study on…. Trust.  And not just any kind of trust. RADICAL trust!

Different individuals, different lives, different circumstances, different failures, different successes.  And, I felt God continuously revealing the same common thread in each one that I was putting down on paper and studying.

Radical trust…
Radical trust..
Radical trust.

David, Solomon, Joshua, Jehu, Paul, John, Ruth, Joseph, Micah… the list goes on and on.  Whether the were an Isralite or not.  Whether they put their faith in God, many gods, or none at all. There was something to say about the faith and radical trust they had put in God or for a few of the individuals noted in the Bible, “The God of the Israelites.”   Whether it was a lifetime or one single moment that changed their lives forever.  Whether they were considered lowly servants or great kings.  They all had a radicalized kind of trust that was immeasurable, uncommon, and powerfully influential.

My studies began with the attempt to learn more details about individual lives, and it quickly begun to turn into a study of my own life.  God was trying to show me something.  Teach me something about myself and my walk with Him.  Is it enough to simply have faith in God and His Word, or should I be daring and “bold as a lion,” and radically trust in Him, so much so, that my faith is a demand for unwaivering, undivided attention as His beloved daughter, and my servant’s heart towards Him.

I think for many Christians, we feel guilty desiring to ask God for things — regardless of what that request may be.  Asking for ourselves seems terribly selfish to many of us.  We rather say, “Bless my family, my neighbors, the poor, God!”  Than to say, “Bless me, with immeasurable blessings and favor.”  But, I’m here to say that there is no shame or guilt, in not only asking God, but radically demanding His undivided attention to our requests.  I think it is what He is looking for. What He is waiting for.  The boldness to ask, and the RADICAL trust to fulfil those requests.  No matter the timing, no matter the way it happens, or how.  That’s where the “radical” comes into play.

There’s a wave of a new type of generation coming forth where our youth are standing firm in ways that has never been imagined before.  Don’t get me wrong!  Their focus is on changing the lives of others — their communities, their country, nations.  But, recently I’ve noticed that their prayers are turned inward so that they may be effective outward.  Their demand for a breaking in the heart’s and mind’s of others, is so intense and so influential, it’s like flames… alive… and raging.  Ever moving foward, never dormant, never complacent in its motivation or reasoning.  I want to be at a point where there is no reasoning.  Ride hard, ride fast, with NO hesitation.  I move, because I simply do.  Because it is what God desires.  To radically trust Him so much so, that there is no second thought given to pushing forward, and never looking back.

There are those that ask daily (even some hourly), demanding for the floodgates of revival and reformation to happen all across this country and throughout the world — but they also know that it HAS to begin with them.  And they live their lives, as normal.  Go about their jobs, their relationships, their families, knowing and radically trusting God WILL move.  It’s what He wants.  He doesn’t want us to simply trust Him.  He wants us to be so feverent in our demands for Him to COME and MOVE, that we will RADICALLY trust the manifestations of our beliefs in Him and His glory.

Such radical trust brings a hunger and thirst for MORE.  More of God.  More of His awesome power.  More of His glory.  More change.  More tearing down and breaking of walls — spiritually and physically.

I have a tattoo that reads the following in Hebrew: Consecrated by God. Saved by Jesus. Reformed by the Spirit.

I just recently had the tattoo done, but it has been a longstanding testament, acknowledgement, and prayer in my life for almost 10 years now.  My surname means “Consecrated by God,” and I truly believe that before my parents EVER met, God’s will, desire, and hand on my life had already been formed — had already been consecrated.  I was born into that name, and I believe wholeheartedly I was born into it for a reason.  “Saved by Jesus.”  I acknowledge that Jesus Christ is the ONLY thing that can save us, just as He is the only thing that saved me.  “Reformed by the Spirit.”  It was, is, and will always be my prayer for a revolving door of reformation in my life.  You are never too young or too old to learn.  We will never STOP learning.  We will never stop being taught the mysteries of God.  The life we live, is a life meant to glorify God, make disciples by way of the Gospel, and radically change the world by radically changing OURSELVES.  That venture is never complete.  It just grows and grows. A continual process of feeding your Spirit-man and learning how to not just follow, but ultimately how to lead, walk, and exist in God’s glory and powerful Will for ALL of our lives.

Reformation is nothing something you ask for.  It’s something that is birthed from the moment you accept Jesus into your heart.  It begins the moment that you make that decision that your life is not your own, and that you are willing to radically trust God to move not only in your life, but through your life for the sake of others.  And He will — radically so.

I love you, guys!
“This above all to thine self be true.”
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