Because You Ask Not

Okay not trying to ruffle feathers, and it’s not like this hasn’t been said before from many many others; but this was just a thought today as I was reading out of James, and I’ve always loved reflecting on the v4:3.  In that verse, God explains that we do not receive because we do not ask.  Perplexing?  Perhaps to those who keep asking, but may not be receiving.

The Amplified explains it a bit better.  It says, “[or] you do ask [God for them] and yet fail to receive, because you ask with wrong purpose and evil, selfish motives.  Your intentions [when you get what you desire] to spend it in sensual pleasures.”  A bit more plainer huh?  But you are thinking right about now, wish that hadn’t explain it so well!  Well, it’s pretty clear cut.

God promises to meet ALL our needs.  What we need and what we want are two different things.  Now this isn’t to say that God won’t gives us what we want.  Quite the opposite!  God desires to give us our heart’s desires, as well.  But, the question is, what is the intent of your heart?  When you ask God for something you want, is it to benefit yourself or others?

“God, I want more money, so I can get a bigger house.”  God would love to answer that request, to present you with that blessed gift, but the question is… why do you want the bigger house?  Is it because, you think it’ll get you in that better neighborhood?  Or for the prestige?  Or for the comfort, and the big kitchen and yard?

God will always want to meet your needs, before He meets your wants.  I truly believe that.  But part of being human, is to cultivate our hearts and desires (it’s how He created us!); so therefore He is thrilled to give you your heart’s desire (your wants).  The trick is not to so much ask God what He can give and do for you, but what he can give and do for another through you.  How does your larger house benefit the kingdom?  How can it impact your life and the lives of those in your neighborhood?  How does more money benefit the kingdom?  How does the new job benefit the kingdom?  Don’t get me wrong… a larger house, more money, a better job, can all be good things.  It’s just a matter of God’s will, timing, and you desire to see that God’s gifts to you aren’t a benefit to you as much as it is a benefit for others.

Pray for that bigger house, but may it be a prayer for the house that can hold more people, so that you may love on them, fellowship with them, and help them when the need so arises.  Pray for that better job, but may it be that God has said your season there is up, that all that you could have done ministry wise has been completed.  Often times there is someone right there in your work place that could use a bit of love from Jesus — and God can put us in the position to be that  vessel to work His miracles through!  Pray for more money!  There is no such thing as money is evil!!  It is the greed of man that gives it a bad rep, and can turn people inside out.  You want more money?  Pray for it, but may it be a prayer asking God to increase your store house so that you may invest more into the kingdom and the lives of others.

Just a thought.

I love you, guys!

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