The Nature of God’s Forgiveness

I had a long talk with a friend the other night about condemnation.  She asked me questions, that biblically I knew the answer too, but on a more personal level, even I had to constantly bring reassurance to what the Word says versus what my mind would say.  It made the talk… difficult.

You know how you can know the answer to something, repeat it to yourself over and over again, and yet… when test day comes, you fail to pull it out of your memory banks?  Your mind draws a blank.  You repeat to yourself, over and over again, “But, I know this!”  But still nothing comes.  The conversation was much like that.  I identified with this person quite well.  Perhaps, too well.  I understood what they were going through, and emotions being drawn from my own experiences were overbearing to say the least, and in some ways was blindsiding me.

This morning, Danny White, from Anointed Fighter wrote a great piece on “Condemnation vs. Conviction.”  The title alone drew me in like a moth to the flame.  The subject of condemnation had been on my mind since the talk a few nights prior.

What struck me so hard, was how White defined condemnation.  It was kind of that Eureka moment.  One of his definitions was that in a nutshell, condemnation was something where you are constantly getting punched with the problem, but it avoids the solution!

Then he follows it up with this:

Jesus did NOT come to condemn the world (John 12:47).  There is no condemnation in Christ Jesus (Romans 8:1).  Satan on the other hand is KNOWN for kicking Anointed Fighters with accusations (Rev 12:10).

I say this time and time again on this blog, and I will continue to do so, because that’s why it is here.  It’s drawing from my own experiences, blogging them, and hopefully end up helping others (as well as even myself) along the way.  More than ever before have I noticed how we are a people in need of love intermixed with Godly sorrow (conviction; Isaiah 30:18), and not that of condemnation born from the actions of man and not God.

White explains that, “Conviction shows you the answer (the Blood of Jesus, which washes away sin), while condemnation shows you the problem (the sin, the past and your failures).

Condemnation shouts, “Your past! Your sins! You loser!” But convictions shouts, “The Blood of Jesus knocks out sins…. Your sins and past don’t have to be a part of you anymore!”

When your past sins are brought up and displayed, it isn’t the work of conviction by the Holy Spirit, but condemnation from the enemy.  It’s his way of holding you down, holding you back, hindering, and destroying you.  But see, if your past is covered by the Blood, then it is covered, and God has promised freedom not bondage (which comes from said condemnation).  The enemy wants nothing more than to beat you down!  If you’re down and out, you’re no threat to him; and this is why he does everything possible to destroy your life — physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  He’ll use your past, your feelings, your friends, your family, anything and everything to draw you away from God and your spiritual walk.

To combat the lies from the enemy, and to counteract the deception that he uses to sway us from the Truth (the Word of God), it is important to understand something that White conveyed perfectly; and that is, to understand conviction and the Godly love it is birthed from, you must understand and recognize the nature of God’s forgiveness (1 John 1:9; Isaiah 30:18).

The enemy will try to use condemnation and mask it as conviction.  But, do not be deceived!  Seek the Wisdom and freedom found in God, and the Holy Spirit will show you HOW to not only face your problem(s), but how the Blood of Jesus, can wipe it away.

Love you guys!

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