The Rain Before the Storm

I very rarely share my dreams publicly.  In fact, I don’t ever remember a time I’ve shared a dream (of what I believe to be spiritually significant) outside of spiritual authority before.  However, I felt a necessity to share this one.

Today I dreamed I was walking along a long corridor.  I walked out the corridor and had immediately entered a wooded forest.  The forest was luscious, green, and alive with activity.  Bright, sunny, the birds were singing, the animals were romping.  It was peaceful.

I heard a rumble in the distance.  I thought to myself, “A storm is coming.”  But there were no signs besides the distant rumble.  The rumbling was so deep, and yet still so far, it initially unnerved me.  Then suddenly rain came.  No clouds, no lightning, no nothing.  Just rain on a clear and sunny day. It was cool and refreshing.  The rain that ran down my face and drenched my clothes, did not bother me!

I continued to walk along the path, and then from a distance, opposite the rumbling, clouds moved in.  Dark and gloomy.  I felt uneasy, and possibly even afraid.  I cautiously continued my walk, looking each and every way, and then suddenly, a strong pressure, and the sense of me falling.  The dream shifted, and I was lying in an empty hole.  It was evident it was man-made.  Uneven, quickly dug up.  I looked above me and a figure loomed over me — a shovel in hand.

I staggered to my feet to get out, but I couldn’t.  Not because the walls were too high, but because dirt was slamming into me — pushing me back and burying me alive.  I looked around to see where it was coming from, and there were other people, with shovels, as well, tossing dirt atop of me.  Holding me down inside this man-made hole.  The people were drudging through what I thought was dark, rich, thick mud, stumbling as they took their shovels and flung dirt upon me, weighing me down in this hole.

I turned to look closer at them, and saw what was once a dirt mound — a covered grave –and a marker that bore my name upon it.  And underneath, it read simply “Ephesians 1.”

There were (if I may say so, so boldly) TWO graves.  There was the one that had already been covered and a marker placed atop of it.  Then the other, the once empty hole that I now had been forced to lie in, as dirt being removed from the filled-in grave was now being thrown atop of me in the new one.

I was confounded by this.  I woke up, crying.  Immediately exclaiming to God, “What was that!?”

I got up, opening my Bible to Ephesians 1, and I began to read, and it only took a few verses before it started to really capture my attention, and I read slowly and with precision at the words that were unfolding before my eyes.  In my amplified Bible I fell across the following verse (1:7) in Ephesians, “in Him we have redemption (deliverance and salvation) through His blood, the remission (forgiveness) of our offenses (shortcomings and trespasses), in accordance with the riches and the generosity of His gracious favour…”

The words, “through His blood,” rung out through my mind and lips.  THROUGH HIS BLOOD.  Guys, all sins (through repentance) are forgiven and are COVERED by Jesus’ blood.  There IS redemption for those who turn away from sin and run to God.  And once that is done, it IS done.

Now what I didn’t understand at that moment was why were there two graves, one empty and one filled?  It was not until some heavy duty praying on my part, after such a strange and ominous dream, that I felt revelation come forth concerning it.

When our sins are forgiven, they are covered by the Blood.  Now, here was a grave, FILLED, and the marker declaring redemption, restoration, and forgiveness sitting atop of it.  And then suddenly there was this man-made hole, where I had been placed into, and the dirt from a covered grave being piled atop of me in this once empty hole.

We as brothers and sisters in Christ must pay close attention that we do not try to be jury, judge, and executioner of those around us.  It is not our place, nor are we obligated or justified to uncover what has already been covered and restored by the Blood, because you may end up digging a whole new fresh grave.  Except this time it won’t be a grave manufactured by the Lord — the proverbial box buried deep into the Earth, covered by the Blood of Jesus — but possibly the grave of men who’s purposes for whatever reason, hinders and kills the Spirit, instead of bringing life to it.

We as human beings have the uncanny ability to unearth and open the door to things in other’s lives that assuredly (when God is involved) has a “DO NOT DISTURB” sign sitting there.  For whatever reason, self-proclaimed love, curiousity, pride, hurt, whatever it may be —  we spend more time justifying ourselves, than we do others through true edification and love.  And that is harmful, and has the strong possibility of killing the spirit, the joy, and the discipleship of those we effect with such behaviour.

With all that said, I encourage you to take a look into your spiritual life, just as I have myself, and discover the places where you have possibly “been digging up dirt claiming to look for gold,” and reflect on this.  See if your actions (no matter the intention) have hurt or edified the spirit and the lives of others.

We could all do a little better with edifying the Body and the lives of others.  We could all do better showing agape love and not the perverse tainted side that is hidden behind a proclaimed sense of spiritual duty and discipleship that holds no resemblance to God’s love for His children.

We could all do a little better at teaching and not quenching.  Hope that makes sense.

Love you, guys!

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3 Responses to The Rain Before the Storm

  1. seekingdaisy says:

    I enjoyed reading this. Daisy

  2. sloan25 says:

    That was an awesome read! Thanks for sharing.

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