Shepherd of the Flock

Good stuff from Pstr Mike this week on being a Shepherd, and not a hireling.

A hireling is defined as one who:

Works solely for compensation; who is employed by another; and/or one who is willing to perform a menial task for a fee!

Take a moment to read Pstr Mike’s “Shepherds” blog entry and ask yourself.. are you a shepherd or a hireling?

Here’s a more challenging question… substitute hireling for sheepherder?  You know that word well don’t you?  Bet you do!  Think of sheepherder in the same context as a hireling (essentially it is exactly that) and then compare the distinct differences between the two (a shepherd and a sheepherder):

  • Shepherds actually know their sheep, and have earned their trust and confidence; Sheepherders could care less about the sheep, and are only trying to score a buck.
  • Shepherds lead from the front; Sheepherders drive from the rear.
  • Shepherds know the right way; Sheepherders are looking for shortcuts.
  • Shepherds talk softly (and carry a big stick!); Sheepherders yell and scream.
  • Shepherds rule with love. Sheepherders coerce with fear.
  • The sheep willingly follow the shepherd; the sheepherder forces by compulsion.
  • Shepherds will leave the 99 and search for the one; Sheepherders don’t know the one, and are bothered by the other 99.
  • Shepherds would protect the sheep with their life; Sheepherders run away at the first sign of wolves.

God calls us to shepherd the flock.  It’s part of the Commission tasked to us.  I’m reminded of something I touched on last week when speaking about David.  I mentioned that one of the main reasons why David captured the heart of God, was not only because of his passion for worship, but because of the knowledge he had gained while serving in the most unlikely of professions…. a shepherd.

Endless days and nights spent shepherding the flock, taught David how to soak in God’s presence, seek God, become intimate with God, to lead passionately, to be patient, and how to love.  It was these things instilled in him and learned from, that David was recognized as a man after God’s own heart.  And how he would be raised up and favored, and lead an entire nation under the authority and strength of God.  The hearts of many men, begun with the heart of one man, and how it was cultivated in the fields with a young boy’s flock.

Interesting thought…..  think on it.

Love you, guys!

Thanks to The Cross Blog for Shepherd v. Sheepherding references!

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