Hijacked by a jack…

Okay, so today was interesting.  It was filled with hours of work related building of shadowboxes, taking orders, coin engravings, blah blah blah… and then somewhere around midday today, everything changed, and hilarity ensued.

I had become a victim of the mysterious gmail hackings that has been reaching epidemic proportions lately for gmail users since around mid-April.  I was unaware of this evidently hush-hush issue until today when I discovered that not only had a few other friends encountered the same problem (with the exact same bogus email mind you), but evidently there was a New York Times piece about the mysterious hackings just a few weeks ago; which gmail so kindly has not yet acknowledged even exists.  Oh, but Google…. we know…. we know.

How do we know??  Because thousands of gmail users are exclaiming the same thing…. “Ummmm… really!?!?”


Hello… am sorry I didn’t inform you about my traveling but right now am in a horrible situation in London,United Kingdom. I was mugged at gun point at a Park,all my cash, credit card and my cell phone were stolen in the process. Am sending this message out from a public library to require your financial help in settling my hotel bills and my transport to Heathrow International Airport to catch up my flight. Please reply back immediately you receive this,am so depressed and confused.

Hey, Mr. Hacker… You’re depressed and confused? I’m depressed and confused. Did you even bother to look at prior emails to get a grasp for how I write/type/whatever?  No??? Didn’t think so.  Good thing is… my friends did!

For the exception of one or two who didn’t know me that well, they were all pretty darn sure that the verbiage above was not something that would come out of my mouth, let alone be typed from a keyboard by shaba-daba-dooo… ME.

My grammar sucks.  I do not deny this.  But, really???? I’ve gotten a bit better at the grammar thing over the years, I think.  Not to mention…. ummm….. I was in a shop, at work, on a military base, in a back room, with a candle stick… oops… that was the “Clue” coming out in me.

Okay, I digress…. so, I’ve had to change my email because whoever hacked my account didn’t just ghost/mask my email, but actually hacked into it and changed my password to lock me out.  It’s not worth trying to reset something when they probably already have my emails… unless it was a bot, which looking back at the amount of accounts that have been hacked over the last three weeks, I believe it was just that — but still not worth it.

Starting fresh is just better sometimes….

Night, folks.

Love you, guys!

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