New pics

Pollo is a barrel of laughs.  Together we have discovered…. The Kong.  A funny name for what has to be the most ingenious creation to ever been introduced to our four legged friends!

Pollo has a bit of seperation anxiety.  Understandable, as she WAS born and raised for the first several weeks on a farm, and then suddenly thrown into a tiny apartment with her best bud.  So when I leave for work, Pollo finds herself really trying to work out the kinks in how to manage boredom.

The Kong is ingenious!  The little tiny, 3 inch, cylindrical-cone shaped type toy has a big hole in the middle where you can basically stuff treats, dog food, and in my case… peanut butter inside of it.  After stuffing the peanut butter inside, I placed it in the freezer, as my poor pup is still teething… what a drag – the poor baby!

I introduced Pollo to this about an hour and a half ago for the first time, and she’s STILL at it.  Trying her darndest to get all the peanut butter out of the frozen Kong.

Go, Pollo, you can do it!

Click here to check out some zanny pics of her going at it with the Kong, or feel free to just scroll to the top of this page and select “Adventures of Pollo” to see all the pics of her so far.


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