My Vow to You

I love this poem by Sonji Rush.  I’m sure it was meant for the love of his life, but I recognize that the love of my life is Jesus, and it was a reminder of the Song of Solomon, and how it truly could be interpreted as God and the church.  Much like Rush’s poem here – except I don’t think about the one Rush speaks to as the Church, as much as I see it being God’s words to me, his bride.

Read it. Contemplate it. Pray about it.  Is this now Jesus’ words to us?  Is it not God’s?  What do you think?

My Vow To You by Sonji Rush

We were once strangers

Then we became friends

Through that friendship grew love.

Through this love I make my vow to you.

I vow that you will never be lonely again.

Through life’s tribulations I am your strength.

I shall be there for you when you need a friend.

When you need someone to love and hold you,

my arms willingly await with compassion.

For my love is unconditional.

I love you for who you are.

Your past is yours.

Our is now and forever.

Together we shall make new memories.

Memories of a life with passion

and desire for each other,

a life of devotion.

With this I vow to you my heart.

A heart over flowing with an undying love.

A love for now, tomorrow,


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